Barrie and Ingrid Temple

Traditional and Original Songs In Harmony

"Like friends singing to friends" - Paul Ryan, Black Diamond Folk Club

"Wonderful ... like chatting and singing to you as a personnel friend" - John Bentham, Tiger Folk Club

"A breath of fresh air ... wonderful, just wonderful" - George Papavgeris

"Not just good singers, but good friends as well" - The Wilson Family

Barrie and Ingrid are harmony singers from Newcastle upon Tyne. Although they sing mostly unaccompanied, Barrie also adds concertina or guitar accompaniment to some of their songs. They have been singing together for nearly 40 years and have performed throughout the UK and abroad, at folk clubs and festivals. Their singing is mainly traditional with both serious and humorous content. They also perform lots of Barrie’s own songs, which are written in the traditional style. They are well respected for their unique style of close harmony singing and their original arrangements. Barrie’s own songs are now being sung and recorded by other folk performers, both here and abroad. Barrie and Ingrid Temple